Procedures when someone dies

According to the Civil Status Division of Mauritius.

The death must be declared within 24 hours to the civil status authority in the locality of the deceased which then issues a permit for burial or cremation. Documents needed for registration of death are:

• ID card of the deceased
• Birth Certificate of the deceased
• His/her Identity Card
• Marriage Certificate
• Medical certificate regarding the cause of death
• the ID card of the informer

Note that:

• When a person dies in a private residence, a nursing home or a private hospital (Clinic) a certificate of the cause of Death will usually be signed by the family doctor that he / she has attended the patient.

• If death occurs in a public or private hospital (Clinic) the attending doctor will usually sign the certificate of the cause of Death.

• If the funeral is held in less than 24hrs, the doctor must write on the certificate of the cause of Death “Early burial is authorized” or “Early Cremation is authorize”

• In case the decease is cremated, the doctor must also provide a form of “Cremations B”

Once the death has been confirmed, the family is able to contact Valere Undertaker Funeral Services to initiate commencement of the funeral arrangement.


Repatriation is the act of sending or bringing the deceased one back to the country that he or she come from.

According to the Civil Status Division of Mauritius

• If a Mauritian has died outside of Mauritius, the family must contact the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life for the issue of a permit for the body to be brought to the island. The necessary arrangements can then be made for the funeral.

• If someone has died on a plane or ship, the person in head of the plane/ship must draw up a declaration of death which is transferred to the civil status office for the necessary measures to be taken for the funeral to take place.

Civil Status Offices

Civil status offices in Mauritius can be contacted at:

Black River452-0877Royal Road, Bambous
Curepipe689-0563​7, Teste De Buche, Curepipe 
Flacq413-2126Dhowtal Building,
La Source, Central Flacq
Grand-Port631-22442nd Floor, NPF Building, Mahebourg.
Moka433-2360One Way Street,
St Pierre.
Pamplemousses243-3577Post Office Building,
Port-Louis201-28037th Floor,
Emmanuel Anquetil Building,
Port Louis
Riviere du Rempart412-8393Royal Road,
Riviere du Rempart.
Rose-Hill464-66232nd Floor,
NPF Building, Moka Rd
Rose Hill.
Savanne625-5596Royal Road,

On Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays, the following civil status offices are opened from 9.00 a.m to noon for death registrations.

In case the service of the civil status cannot be obtained, it is recommended to contact the local police in the area